One expected concrete actions taken by the government as a follow up of the issuance of the Instruction of the President No. 3 Year 2003 about National Policy and Strategy of the Development of e-Government is the ability to use the advancement in information technology to manage and distribute the information and public services as part of the good governance process. Currently, Badung Regency administration has not presented the data and information to the public for the entire field of the handle. For example the data and information about roads in the regency of Badung. This information is very important to know the community so that there are two-way communication between communities and governments in handling the road in Badung regency, especially when the government has not able to fully finance road infrastructure needs. Based on these conditions required the development of Highway Information System which can improve the quality of government services to the community, can be accessed at any time, not limited by space and time at reasonable costs.

There are three main criteria that must be met when planning and designing the road information system: effective, efficient, and flexible. From those criteria, indicators and parameters that are directly related are derived to know the problems and obstacles that may arise and alternative solution to solve them.

The highway information system is created and developed by using WordPress, an open source blog engine that can be used freely. By leveraging the support features that can provide additional functions, the system then launched online at a temporary address http://www.binamargabadung.com/ to test and evaluate the system.

The Badung’s Highway Information System designed as a web base application so it can provide access to the public who need data and information related to the road quickly without overwhelmed by rigid bureaucracy. The system is also designed as a means of access to information in both directions, where the community can contribute to provide feedback in the form of suggestions and complaints directly or in writing. The system is very effective to improve the management of road handling, especially when the government has not been able to finance all infrastructure needs of roads, because the system can ensure two-way communication with both the public and the government so that people get the correct information and can understand the limitations of government.

Keywords: Information Systems, Maps, handling, damage, Badung regency, e-Government


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