Maybe U Can Buy a Cotton Bud Before Final Test


Category : tentang KuLiah

Last friday night, our class toefl course have a Listening Conversation. Which one we have to listen what the tape says, and then try answer the question. At the first hour, the teacher has been tried to translate what the tape says, one by one until we can understand the meaning of. The Big problem, when last hour our Teacher tried gave us a Trial Test, which one He let the tape roll out until it finished. We have listening it carefully and write the right answer at the paper test.

It takes little bit of time, so what we can do, just listen and try to understand all of it without translate one by one like before we do. It’s about fifty question with different topic.

Just because our vocab is not much than what the tape says, the men who sat beside me has told me ‘Ha ? what it (the tape) says ? ‘ I Can’t Understand it… then I say ‘that’s mean you better than me. I don’t Understand anything what it says. Too Fast for me.

Before the class has ending this Conversation, the Teacher check all our answer and from fifty quaestion, I got twenty correct answer. Not Bad. But if it’s the Final Test, I’m sure I Can’t passed it. Be Jeg Sing Lulus Jani ne…


So, when we out the class, my friend has say ‘Maybe U can buy a cotton bud for the Listening Conversation before we take the Final test next’. Hahaha… Huuuuh…. Maybe I need two-three times to take the final test, and hope I can pass it…