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Fifty – Fifty

Continuing posting learning English the other day, senin tonight feel refreshed by phase ‘Reading, where competitor asked for mengertikan a short story one two paragraph, later try to reply question go together mentioned story. Looks like test of former Indonesian..

It’s atmosphere of course become more easy going, but just remain to be, serious storey;level mean all this competitor, mounting fast. Possible Merely this owner blog just is which still have time to shoot in between situation that require concentration and also the strong word exchequer..

Just only why title of the posting oppositely also ‘Fifty-Fifty’ cause of writer become remembered a nice film stared by Tom Hanks, The Terminal, where a devotee of Jazz of having a mind into the city New York, have to stay at airport of the town, because his old country is coup d’etat. Hence become he will do not want to learn Ianguage of asing-Inggris in a short time readly English-speaking a book that and compare with same book but have the Ianguage which he master, and use word ‘Fifty-Fifty’ (result of his finding in screen of tv news as possibility of he allowable urbanize New York.

Back To topic, word ‘Fifty-Fifty’ that also depicting ability of writer in replying so much question and in the end also have time to hope, just yeah hopefully fifty gratuity more few, test wait can be replied a correctness. Most the caw have enough properly to get away from needle hole.

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pande: hanyalah seorang Pegawai Negeri Sipil yang sangat biasa, mencoba hadir lewat tulisannya sebagai seorang blogger yang baik